Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor – 10 Most Popular

Many people who want to monitor their blood pressure think about buying a wrist blood pressure monitor but are concerned that it may not give accurate results.

In terms of accuracy, a wrist blood pressure monitor is somewhat less accurate than the normal blood pressure monitor that fits around the upper arm. But, it is highly more accurate than the finger type blood pressure monitors on the market.

However, for day to day use and for getting a quick estimate of your blood pressure, most wrist blood pressure models will give you a perfectly reasonably accurate reading of your blood pressure.

10 Most Popular Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

Why Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors May Be Better Than Traditional Ones

Not only that, but in some ways a wrist blood pressure monitor is better than the traditional ones. That’s because it is so much easier to use. And that ease of use makes it more likely that you will actually use it.

The problem with many normal hypertension monitors is that the average person becomes so frustrated with trying to position it and pressurize it correctly that they eventually give up the effort. On the other hand, many wrist monitors are so easy to use that frustration is minimal.

Advantages of A Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

1) The obvious advantage of this type of monitor is that it is so portable. This makes it easier for those concerned about their blood pressure to practically take their blood pressure at any time and any place.

2) Even if you have a regular blood pressure monitor, this allows you to have a back up monitor, for very little cost.

3) They are so easy to use. Many of the portable monitors are equipped with sensors that allow the blood pressure cuff to be inflated to the correct pressure automatically.

4) These days, most wrist monitors have very easy to read digital displays.

The Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron is one of the major manufacturers of blood pressure monitors. It produces a variety of wrist monitors to track blood pressure.

Most of their models come with a feature they’ve called “intellisense”. This is an automatic monitoring system which will automatically inflate the cuff that fits around the wrist to the correct pressure.

Some of the models will have a storage and recall facility. This will store your reading on a memory chip inside the machine. This is very handy if you or your doctor requires a historical record of your blood pressure readings over a number of days and times.

Some patients elect to have more than one blood pressure machine. For example, they may choose to have a full featured Omron digital blood pressure monitor for home use and a wrist monitor for travel.

LifeSource UB-521 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

This is one of the smallest monitors that you will find making it idea for those who travel a lot. It is also extremely lightweight and inexpensive.

Final Thoughts

Blood pressure monitors, of course, have varying capabilities. The best ones will allow you to measure both your systolic and your diastolic blood pressure.

Not all blood pressure monitors will give you accurate results if you have an irregular heart beat. If you have this problem, make sure that the model you choose can diagnose and adjust for irregular heartbeats.