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Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor - 10 Most Popular

Many people who want to monitor their blood pressure think about buying a wrist blood pressure monitor but are concerned that it may not give accurate results.

In terms of accuracy, a wrist blood pressure monitor is somewhat less accurate than the normal blood pressure monitor that fits around the upper arm. But, it is highly more accurate than the finger type blood pressure monitors on the market.

However, for day to day use and for getting a quick estimate of your blood pressure, most wrist blood pressure models will give you a perfectly reasonably accurate reading of your blood pressure.

10 Most Popular Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

Omron HEM-650 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with APS (Advanced Positioning Sensor)

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User Review
I need to take my blood pressure at least a couple of times a day. I have been using the OMRON 773-AC Omron HEM-773-AC Blood Pressure Monitor which is a full-size, table top system, with an upper-arm cuff. It works fine, but is large to pack on a trip.

I got this wrist unit to travel with, and it's amazing. First, the results agree to within a point or two with the big unit (which in turn agrees well with measurements at the doctor's office). So, it's consistently accurate.

Second, it's cool to use - at least for gadget freaks. You fasten it to your wrist, turn it on, and it starts beeping. Holding the elbow of the arm with the device on it with the opposite hand, you start raising your wrist toward your heart. As you near the right location, the beeping gets faster, and when you are right on, the machine starts running. You just hold it there for a bit until it stops running, and you're done. Works every time.

It's actually easier to take BP with this machine than with the big one, so yo

Omron Bp652 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit

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Years ago, the best I could find in the marketplace were upper arm, clunky automatic blood pressure monitors that were difficult to use and produced wild, varying results. The Omron Bp652 is an incredible leap forward for accurate and precise home monitoring of one's blood pressure via a wrist monitor. I of course need to state at the beginning of this review that if you have hypertension, you need to be under a doctor's care and this product does not replace a physician's care, however, it is a wonderful tool for monitoring at home how well your meds are , or are not, keeping your blood pressure under control.

To test the accuracy of this monitor, I took it with me to my doctor's office. My physician measured my bp as 120/81. Minutes later, I used the Omron which gave a measurement of 121/83. That is remarkably close to my physicians bp measurement. Now, I wanted to take a look at how precise the Omron was, i.e. were several measurements taken back to back close? Yes they were! Three back to back meas

Omron HEM-670IT Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with APS (Advanced Positioning Sensor) and Advanced Omron Health Management Software

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I got this monitor to keep track of my blood pressure so that I could give the printed reports to my doctor. I have one that I got from Sharper Image that is easy to use but you can't upload readings to a computer. The one from Sharper Image was also not very accurate when compared to using a regular doctor grade cuff with a stethoscope.

The Omron monitor is much easier to use than the Sharper Image one, is easier to ensure the proper position and the uploading of the readings is very easy. I took the Omron monitor to my doctor to have her calibrate it against her measurements and the Omron monitor was nearly identical. Based on that and the printed reports, I was taken off my blood pressure medication!

Omron HEM-637 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Advanced Positioning Sensor

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User Review
I compared it to the best rated the WalMart brand ReliOn brand It matched the readings within a 1 to 2 points. I made sure that my ReliOn was accurate using a stethoscope and also by comparing with a manual unit many times.

HEM-637 is quiter and much smaller than the ReliOn. One feature I like is that it does not start unless held in the correct poisition. The key is to hold the hand steady, not move, or talk. To hold the arm steady, rest the plam just below the opposite shoulder. Also, make sure that the wrist does not touch the chest to avoid getting erroneous reading.

It is, however, $30 more expensive than the ReliOn. Consider purchasing it if you are a traveller or have uncontrolled BP. It will allow you to track BP under various stress conditions (work) without being noticed.

It stores 99 readings with date and time making recoredkeeping easy. The lack of PC software is not an issue for me. I find manual recordkeeping is faster and quite adequate.

Why Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors May Be Better Than Traditional Ones

Not only that, but in some ways a wrist blood pressure monitor is better than the traditional ones. That's because it is so much easier to use. And that ease of use makes it more likely that you will actually use it.

The problem with many normal hypertension monitors is that the average person becomes so frustrated with trying to position it and pressurize it correctly that they eventually give up the effort. On the other hand, many wrist monitors are so easy to use that frustration is minimal.

North American Healthcare TV3649 Wristech Blood Pressure Monitor

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User Review
I wasn't sure about this product ,but decided to try it anyway.this one has its ups and downs,but the overall fine for a daily traveler,I'm a truck driver i use this at ease,accuracy fine too . I did recommend this product to a lots of people,they found it excellent. The shipping was very fast ,i got it within a few day only. Thank you and good luck.

LifeSource UB-512 Advanced Memory Wrist Auto Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor

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User Review
I bought this product after a good amount of research among leading manufacturers of home blood pressure monitors including Omron and Microlife. I also currently own an Omrom and wasn't particularly impressed with the accuracy of the readings.

The BHS (British Hypertensive Society) publishes ratings and I carefully evaluated the ones that received the highest A/A rating as well as some of the newer offerings from these manufacturers that hadn't as yet been rated.

I went with this product primarily because it seems to be the only one with the extra large cuff (also offers a regular cuff option UA-280) and seemed accurate. After having had it for some time now I couldn't be more pleased. Readings are quick, machine is quiet and most important very consistent and accurate.

Highly recommend this monitor.

Omron HEM 629 Auto Inflate Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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User Review
I am a nurse. I saw one of these blood pressure cuffs being used by another nurse, and asked her about it, then, promptly ordered one for myself. At that time it was 100.00, through a nursing catalogue. I work in a busy rehab center where I take at least 8-20 blood pressures daily. What my patients say about this is, "Wow, it didn't tighten my arm at all." "Didn't hurt a bit." "I've never seen one like it."

A doctor and myself measured readings done manually and readings done by this little machine, and found either way to be only a couple of numbers different.

My mom loves it, and we found the same model on Amazon for a lot cheaper than $100.00. I have had poor experiences with another wrist blood pressure monitor that was $39.99. This little Omron is quick, easy, and correct.

Some of it's features: If you move your arm while you take the blood pressure, it shows an E for error. The batteries last about three months. On this model, there is no battery indicator. It stores over 10 blood p

Advantages of A Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

1) The obvious advantage of this type of monitor is that it is so portable. This makes it easier for those concerned about their blood pressure to practically take their blood pressure at any time and any place.

2) Even if you have a regular blood pressure monitor, this allows you to have a back up monitor, for very little cost.

3) They are so easy to use. Many of the portable monitors are equipped with sensors that allow the blood pressure cuff to be inflated to the correct pressure automatically.

4) These days, most wrist monitors have very easy to read digital displays.

Panasonic EW3006S Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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This wrist BP cuff was exactly what I was looking for. Directions were simple and it is easy to use. Holding my wrist, palm side up, anywhere between my abdomen and chest area seems to work fine. The first wrist BP cuff I bought at a store would not work unless held against my chest over my heart, in exactly the right spot, and then it only worked once. My wrist circumference is 8-1/4 inches, so I was concerned about it fitting, but no worries there.

My dentist's office uses 3 different ones and told me this one was their favorite, even though it was the less expensive one. The BP readings are right inline with the dentist and physician office. I would recommend this wrist BP cuff to anyone who must take their own BP due to the ease of use, its accuracy, and the inexpensive price. Plus, I would not hesitate to purchase it from Amazon.com.

LifeSource UB-328 Wrist Auto Inflate Blood Pressure Monitor

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User Review
I've only had my monitor for a few weeks so I can't speak to it's long term performance. So far however, I'm very satisfied. I work in a hospital so the first thing I did was compare the results of the LifeSource monitor to the real thing.

The comparative results were basically the same. I compared the results of a friend's BPs and it appears that this device is pretty reliable. It's easy to operate,easy to read and small enough to take with you to work, trips, etc. I would caution anyone who's wrist circumference is close to the upper limit (7.7 in.)... My left wrist is 6 3/8 inches and it's a very tight fit...

Panasonic EW-BW30S Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, White

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User Review
My doc doesn't think much of wrist monitors but given the lousy experience I've had with a couple of pretty pricey arm cuff monitors, I figured this was worth a try. It is working out surprisingly well for me.


* Accurate (correlates very closely with old-school readings in my doc's office)

* Consistent (my other monitor gives dramatically different values within minutes of each reading)

* Small, no cuff and tube to deal with in addition to the monitor itself

* More convenient and travels well (again, because of no cuff and tube)

* Carrying case doubles as arm prop to get your wrist up to correct height

* Lighted indicator shows that your wrist is at the correct height (wide LCD version)

* Memory feature lets you store a lot of readings so you can show your doc without keeping a paper journal


* No companion software to produce reports on your PC or I would have given 5 stars

* Very picky about wrist height during measureme

The Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron is one of the major manufacturers of blood pressure monitors. It produces a variety of wrist monitors to track blood pressure.

Most of their models come with a feature they've called "intellisense". This is an automatic monitoring system which will automatically inflate the cuff that fits around the wrist to the correct pressure.

Some of the models will have a storage and recall facility. This will store your reading on a memory chip inside the machine. This is very handy if you or your doctor requires a historical record of your blood pressure readings over a number of days and times.

Some patients elect to have more than one blood pressure machine. For example, they may choose to  have a full featured Omron digital blood pressure monitor for home use and a wrist monitor for travel.

LifeSource UB-521 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

This is one of the smallest monitors that you will find making it idea for those who travel a lot. It is also extremely lightweight and inexpensive.

Final Thoughts

Blood pressure monitors, of course, have varying capabilities. The best ones will allow you to measure both your systolic and your diastolic blood pressure.

Not all blood pressure monitors will give you accurate results if you have an irregular heart beat. If you have this problem, make sure that the model you choose can diagnose and adjust for irregular heartbeats.

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