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Stage 2 High Blood Pressure

To help diagnose and treat high blood pressure, it is divided into categories or stages. You are considered to have stage 1 high blood pressure when your systolic blood pressure is consistently between 140 and 159. You are considered to have stage 2 high blood pressure when your systolic blood pressure is consistently over 160.

Monitoring yourself for stage 2 high blood pressure is important because the majority of men and women who develop heart failure, turn out to have stage 2 high blood pressure.

There are two methods of measuring blood pressure and one of them is referred to as systolic pressure while the other measurement is known as diastolic pressure and the first one refers to the heart beat while the second one refers to the heart relaxation.

The ideal blood pressure is considered to be 120/80 and anything above and below these measurements would be high and low blood pressure respectively. Another type of blood pressure situation is the one known as stage 2 high blood pressure which refers to a measurement of more than 160/100.

Persons that have stage 2 high blood pressure will have systolic pressure of one hundred and sixty or more while the diastolic pressure would be one hundred or more. Also, if both your readings are on the high side, you can consider that you have stage 2 high blood pressure which would require taking a minimum of two medications for high blood pressure at the beginning of your treatment.

If you are concerned about changes to your blood pressure, a good way to monitor it is to use a good quality home blood pressure meter. You can find reviews for the best blood pressure monitor for home use.

Doctors may prescribe for you a thiazide diuretic much as is the case with stage 1 high blood pressure conditions, and the diuretics function by expelling any unwanted and extra water as well as sodium from the body which will help to bring down your blood pressure. In addition, with the diuretic your doctor may also find it expedient to suggest that you take an ACE inhibitor, angiotensin II receptor blocker, beta blockers, and also calcium channel blocker.

The ACE inhibitor will help you with your stage 2 high blood pressure conditions as it is a medicine that relaxes the blood vessels and this it does through blocking hormone production that would otherwise have caused the arteries to narrow.

The angiotensin II receptor blocker is another medication used to treat stage 2 high blood pressure because it makes the blood vessels to widen since it prevents a hormone named aniotensin from acting on the blood vessels and affect them negatively.

Doctors also recommend beta blockers because these are a class of drugs that help reduce nerve signals transmitted to heart and also to the blood vessels and this reduce a person's blood pressure. And finally, you may need calcium channel blocker which is another medication that does not allow calcium to enter the heart as too the muscle cells of the blood vessels which lead the cells to relax and thus lowers high blood pressure.

Thus, in instances when a person has very high blood pressure as witnessed in stage 2 high blood pressure, there is a pressing need to lower the elevated blood pressure immediately so that there are no complications and sometimes it may be better to use two drugs in combination for obtaining quicker relief.

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