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Signs Of High Blood Pressure

It difficult to be aware of signs of high blood pressure since most people experience no symptoms. Detecting it is something you cannot do alone.

High blood pressure is a serious health condition that needs to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.  With early diagnosis and treatment many life threatening conditions such as heart attack and stroke can be prevented and a person can live a longer more productive life.

When a doctor is able to diagnose high blood pressure they can quickly and effectively treat the problem and the patient can learn what changes to make in their life to help reduce their blood pressure.

The problem with diagnosing high blood pressure is that often there are no symptoms or signs of high blood pressure in the average person.  In fact, high blood pressure is often called, "the silent killer" because a person has no sign that their blood pressure is high.

Understanding this, a person needs to be diligent to look for the possibility that they have high blood pressure so they can get treatment early.

Vague Signs Of High Blood Pressure

Sometimes a person will have one or two vague sign of high blood pressure in their daily life.   One of the most common signs of high blood pressure is a headache.  People who get frequent headaches should not assume the headache is nothing to be concerned about.

A doctor should be seen to discover the possible cause for the headache.  Dizziness, lightheadedness, shortness of breath and vision problems may all be signs of high blood pressure as well.  These symptoms may be vague but if they occur a person should consult their doctor to determine a possible cause.  

Finding High Blood Pressure Without Signs And Symptoms

Since signs of high blood pressure are not normally felt or seen a person needs to be aware of the problem and make opportunities to have their blood pressure checked.  One thing a person can do is visit their doctor's offices or the local public health office and simply request their blood pressure to be checked.

People can also check their blood pressure at many pharmacies and departments stores that have an automatic blood pressure machine available.

There are also several blood pressure monitors, such as the Omron blood pressure monitor, that can be purchased for home use.  Some of these machines are very easy for a person to use alone making it convenient to keep a watch on their blood pressure.  A person can even find a friend or neighbor who is trained to take blood pressure and will be happy to check it out periodically.  

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