Omron Blood Pressure Monitor – 10 Most Popular

The Omron blood pressure monitor is one of the most popular home blood pressure monitors on the market. And with consumers becoming more aware of the consequences of high blood pressure, home blood pressure monitors have become more popular than ever.

Omron is one of the most highly-recognized name brands associated with blood pressure monitors, and for good reason. Not only are these monitors available at most pharmacies and drug stores, but there are also numerous styles with various features from which to choose. Arm cuffs, wrist bands, and even a specialty woman’s blood pressure cuff are just a few of the varieties offered. In addition, many models offer the ability to interchange cuff sizes.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Review

omron hem 780 blood pressure monitorThe most modest devices are certain to fit even the tightest of budgets, while higher-end versions offer specialty features such as automatic inflation. The large digital readout screens make monitoring and tracking very straight forward, even for those who are visually impaired. Additionally, this brand is the one most highly recommended by doctors.

10 Most Popular Omron High Blood Pressure Monitors

Which are The Best Omron Blood Pressure Monitors?

The most popular models are mid-line varieties. Ironically, several people opted to buy the manually-inflated cuff over its automatically-inflated counterpart inflation for fear of the motor wearing out. As it turns out, a malfunctioning automatic inflation device was one of the greatest complaints for the fancier models.

When considering the purchase of this brand of blood pressure monitor, the best blood pressure monitor for the average person is a middle grade, upper arm model with manual inflation. This will give the consumer with the most accurate blood pressure readings and provide a machine with the longest life and greatest durability.

Most of the monitors produced by Omron will contain everything that you typically need to test your blood pressure. This would include the blood pressure monitor itself, a cuff (some will contain both a standard size as well as a large size), an instructional manual, batteries (in some cases), a cuff guide (for sizing), and a zipper case for storage.

Are Arm Blood Pressure Monitors Accurate?

If you avoid the cheaper models, the average arm blood pressure monitor, although not as accurate as the monitor in your doctor’s office, is generally accurate. In most cases, where readings seem to wildly be out of kilter, the problem is due to the patient operating the monitor in an improper manner.

Your Blood Pressure And Pulse

Blood pressure monitoring takes into account both your heart rate (i.e., how many times your heart is beating per minute) and the pressure being exerted on your blood vessels by the beating of your heart. Your blood pressure can be affected by many things which is why you want take your resting blood pressure. External factors such as exercise, anxiety, dehydration, fasting, etc. can give you readings that are artificially low or high. In addition, although some machines have irregular heartbeat detection, most blood pressure equipment will give you inaccurate reading for this condition.

Specialized Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews And Features

The Omron HEM-780 automatic blood pressure, at a price just over $100, has a built in feature that detects morning hypertension, which some say can be a predictor of your chances of having a stroke. Some consider it to be the best home blood pressure monitor produced by Omron.

omron hem 711 automatic blood pressure monitorThe Omron HEM-711AC This automatic digital blood pressure monitor has a patented IntelliSense monitor that uses bio-feedback to inflate the cuff to the appropriate level automatically. This monitor is also able to adjust systolic and diastolic reading automatically to changes in your body position – such as standing or slumping in a seat – something that many blood pressure monitors cannot handle.

The Omron HEM-790IT automatic blood monitor, similar to the Omron hem-780 blood pressure device, and with intellisense technology, is very effective in determining morning hypertension. It is also able to detect and account for an irregular heartbeat.

Omron Elite 7300W Womens advanced blood pressure meter – this is a portable blood pressure monitor. It can store over two months worth of blood pressure readings which can be of great help to your health care provider. In addition to a convenient displayed digital blood pressure monitor, it has 3 alerts if abnormal conditions are detected. For example, if your blood pressure is outside of normal ranges – you will receive an instant alert. You will also be alerted if your heartbeat registers as irregular. This monitor has been FDA approved for women during a pregnancy Despite its name, this monitor is perfect safe and effective for men as well.

Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

omron hem 650 wrist blood pressure monitorThe Omron hem-650 wrist blood monitor – wrist blood monitors are notoriously less accurate than the standard upper arm blood pressure devices. With that being said, if you do decide to opt for a wrist blood pressure monitor, this Omron model is one of the best. In fact, in Europe, it is one of the few such monitors approved by the BHS (British Hypertension Society).

Because wrist blood pressure monitors have a reputation for unreliability, it is even more important that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get accurate readings. With most wrist monitors you will be required to position your body in a particular manner while taking the reading. As an example, the Omron hem-650 requires that you keep your wrist at heart level while taking the measurement. As with regular monitors, inaccurate use of a wrist monitor is the primary reason for inaccurate readings.