Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs

Studies have proven that it is possible to attain lower blood pressure without drugs. In fact some of the more homeopathic oriented doctors try to do that before they begin prescribing high blood pressure medicines.

The first thing that a good doctor will look at when coming up with a game plan to lower your high blood blood pressure is to take a look at your eating and exercise habits. Home digital blood pressure monitors will allow you to monitor you own blood pressure levels as you try various hypertension modification techniques.

The best ambulatory blood pressure monitors will allow you to monitor your progress hour by hour. Read our Lifesource blood pressure monitor review for more details. For the most accurate result, just be sure your blood pressure cuff size is appropriate for your arm.

In learning to lower the blood pressure without the use of drugs, these are the lifestyle factors that he will take note of:

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Excess weight is one of the leading contributors to high blood pressure so it makes sense to lose some of it and take the pressure off you, so to speak. To lower high blood pressure without drugs, the weight has to come off as it puts stress on your heart. Just think about it when you do any type of physical activity, your heart has to pump extra hard in order to keep pushing that oxygenated blood throughout your body, creating extra stress on it, thus raising blood pressure.


Couch potatoes, your life as a lump on the couch is coming to an end if you wish to lower high blood pressure without drugs. You have to get up and move and exercise is the best way to lower those high blood pressure readings. Cardiovascular exercises are optimal and if you are not accustomed to physical activity, start off slowly and build up your exercise regime. Consulting a trainer who specializes in hypertension might be a smart move as they can help you customize a workout just for your needs.

Dietary Changes

Greatly reducing your salt intake is one of the first steps you can make in order to lower high blood pressure without drugs. Sodium constricts the blood vessels thereby making your heart work harder to pump blood throughout your body. The daily sodium limit is one teaspoon and if you live on processed foods, you are definitely over your limits. Make a practice to read food labels and keep that salt shaker off the table.

Lowering fat and cholesterol in your diet is another positive way to lower high blood pressure without drugs. Low fat dairy products, dark green leafy vegetables, fibrous fruit, lean meats and seafood are all important for your daily diet. And don’t forget your whole grains and vitamin and mineral supplements as they also play a part in reducing hypertension.

Smoking and Alcohol

The link between alcohol and high blood pressure is undeniable. Smoking and too much alcohol are both no-no’s in the race to lower high blood pressure without drugs. Drinking in moderation like one serving of beer or one glass of red wine is fine; however, a six pack or an entire bottle of vino a day is not the best way to a healthier you. Smoking hardens arteries and constricts blood flow, making the heart have to pump harder, which adds stress thereby raising your blood pressure.

Stress is another major contributor to high blood pressure and you would do well to take a slower pace in work and in life. In order to work on the stress and lower high blood pressure without drugs, you might try meditation. Meditation works by consciously allowing your body to rest and you clear your mind of all the troubles you would normally obsess on during the day. Meditation allows your heart to beat more slowly, thereby reducing the stress on it.

Of course, you should be aware that before you start any special diet or exercise program to lower high blood pressure without drugs, please consult with your doctor first. They are the most qualified to know what is best for your lifestyle and will work with you to create a healthy regime that should lower high blood pressure without drugs, the most optimal way to kick hypertension to the curb.