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How To Lower High Blood Pressure - 7 Ways

For most people, learning how to lower high blood pressure involves changing their lifestyle. It can be hard at first but with perseverance your "new" lifestyle will become habit.

Learning how to lower high blood pressure is not difficult. But if you already have high blood pressure, you should talk to your doctor or primary care physician before beginning any exercise program or making any drastic food changes to your diet.

It is also a good idea to purchase an automatic blood pressure monitor or an ambulatory blood pressure monitor. These monitors are easy to use and can help you to give you immediate feedback on which treatments are working for you and which ones are not. In addition, one of the best ways to learn how to control high blood pressure is to be aware of the effects of various foods on your body.

1) You can begin your lifestyle changes by eating "prescription" foods. Some foods act as effective natural high blood pressure medicine. If you like fruits, you can help to lower high blood pressure by simply eating bananas, melons, oranges, sweet potatoes and other foods that contain high amounts of potassium. When eating to lower your high blood pressure, eating a good amount of potassium rich foods is just as important as decreasing the amount of salt that you eat.

10 Popular Books On Controlling Blood Pressure

The DASH Diet Action Plan: Based on the National Institutes of Health Research: Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension

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I highly recommend this book for anyone who is ready to enjoy wholesome food and reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Don't waste your money on another fad diet book. Buy this user- friendly book based on National Institutes of Health research. The forms that are provided make it easy to set goals and track your personal progress.

You will develop the skills needed to achieve long -term success as you learn about deciphering food labels, making over your kitchen, and eating away from home. The 28 days of delicious menus, culinary tips, and great recipes will show you that it is possible to enjoy fantastic food and feel full while you improve your health. As a Registered Dietitian and educator I say - order your copy now.

The Blood Pressure Miracle

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Mr Frank Mangan has put together all the facts about high blood pressure in an easy to understand format. It accurately and completely includes explanations about hypertension, what it is, and how to bring your blood pressure down to normal readings, using a wholistic approach that is far and above any results you can get with drugs and their adverse side effects.

Had this knowledge been available to my father and brother, who died from hypertension in their 50s, they could have lived a long and productive life. I am passing it on to my two sons, both of whom suffer from high blood pressure in their 30s. I would recommend that anyone, who is even borderline, insure their healthy long life by putting into practice what is contained in this book.

The DASH Diet for Hypertension

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I ordered this book for three reasons: Since I taught a course in college-level nutrition, I am appalled at how terrible the diets of too many of us really are. Plus I am something of a fitness nut. Finally I am also a "foodie" who enjoys cooking and eating delicious "gourmet quality" meals that also incorporate first-rate nutrition.

This is the diet book that the USA has been waiting for but too few persons seem to know about it -- yet. It is scientifically accurate and the conclusions of the authors are sound. It is proof that eating for improved health and fitness need not be boring. Indeed, the day after I received the book, I prepared the mango/black bean salad to rave reviews and no leftovers.

The message is not new: We need to increase the fruits, veggies, and whole grain foods in our diet, and to decrease red meats, sodium, and sweets. Although the target audience is those with hypertension, nearly everyone can benefit from accepting the book's challenge to try the DASH diet for two week

The Blood Pressure Cure: 8 Weeks to Lower Blood Pressure without Prescription Drugs

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Robert Kowalski, author of "The Blood Pressure Cure," said that in order to lower your blood pressure without drugs, you should first know your blood pressure.

"What I really recommend is a home blood pressure monitor. It's no more expensive than bathroom scales," he said.

Kowalski said he has five secret weapons.

The first is a tomato extract called lycomato, a product made by several different brands.

Kowalski said that in two separate studies, "(Patients) took one pill (of lycomato) a day and it brought their blood pressure down eight to 11 points."

Kowalski said the next step is to have a nightly cup of cocoa -- not the mixes, but real cocoa filled with polyphenols -- and the darker the cocoa the better. He said to make it with skim milk and a little sweetener.

"What it does is relax the lining of the arteries called the endothelium, making it more flexible and pliable so that the blood can more easily flow through," he said.


Kowalski said people

2) You can make another important dietary change  by lowering or totally eliminating salt from your food intake. This is one of the hardest things to do because nearly every item of processed foods that you buy in the grocery store already has a high amount of salt in it.

3) One way to combat this is simply to eliminate, as much as possible, processed foods from your diet. Either cook your own foods from scratch, where you totally control the salt input or change your diet to predominantly raw foods. For those desiring a less drastic means of lowering their salt intake, buy the low salt version of foods. You may find the difference in taste hard to take but, over time, your taste buds will adjust.

The High Blood Pressure Solution: A Scientifically Proven Program for Preventing Strokes and Heart Disease

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This whole book can be summarized as: "Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables; Stay away from processed foods; exercise and lose weight" But isn't this what your mom and grandmother has been telling you? Isn't this what folk wisdom from many cultures have been saying?

The book backs up the above admonishment with lots of scientific background. The book references many articles in medical journals. I am not qualified to judge the quality of all this information. But alot of the data in the book seems consistent and makes sense. I do have one question about all the information.

The book highlights two key factors contributing to high blood pressure, low potassium/sodium ratio in body fluids, and insulin resistance. The books says there is some a relationship between the two because the potassium/sodium pump has an effect on glucose transport through cell membranes. Does a high K-factor diet lower insulin resistance? The book alludes to this but doesn't come right out and say it.

No matter

The Magnesium Solution for High Blood Pressure

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Dr. Cohen's book does the public a great service in discussing the importance of magnesium for maintaining a healthy level of blood pressure. However, as Dr. Carolyn Dean discusses in her very important book The Miracle of Magnesium, magnesium deficiency is a significant factor -- often the major factor -- in many other severe illnesses including heart attacks and other forms of heart disease, asthma, anxiety and panic attacks, depression, fatigue, diabetes, migraines and other headaches, osteoporosis, insomnia, and most cases of muscular problems. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans are deficient in magnesium to some degree and many are severely deficient.

Because magnesium deficiency is largely overlooked by orthodox medical doctors, millions of Americans suffer needlessly from the foregoing ailments or are having their symptoms treated with expensive drugs (which often have unpleasant or dangerous side effects) when they could be cured with magnesium supplementation. While I recommend Dr. Cohen

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About(TM): Hypertension: The Revolutionary Nutrition and Lifestyle Program to Help Fight High Blood Pressure

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Dr. Mark Houston has created a "must-read" for the nearly half of the American adult population dealing with high blood pressure. Today, more than ever, it is critically important that we as medical consumers have a fundamental understanding of the nature of our health issues and the choices available to us. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Hypertension gives us the ability to make an informed decision in partnership with our physician.

Pharmaceutical companies make untold millions of dollars each year dispensing anti-hypertensive drugs. Certainly, these medicines save lives and extend quality of life for millions of people.

But if given a choice, how many of us would rather take a natural approach? It is refreshing and reassuring that a respected medical researcher like Dr. Houston is presenting these options to us in a way that we can implement. Dr. Houston and his collaborators have also done a great job in making complex scientific information both easy to understand and interesting.<

4) Another equally simple method that you can use regarding how to lower high blood pressure is to eliminate white sugar intake because it is believed that eating processed sugar helps in raising blood pressure. Using herbal sweeteners like  stevia can be used as substitutes for your sweet taste buds and help you to cut down your dependence on white sugar.

5) A diet designed to lower your blood pressure also makes an emphasizes on high intakes of fiber - mostly from  fibrous fruits and vegetables. Studies have consistently shown that increased amount of fiber is associated with lowering high blood  pressure. It also doesn't hurt that fruits and vegetables usually contain antioxidants that help prevent hardening of the arteries.

Reversing Hypertension: A Vital New Program to Prevent, Treat, and Reduce High Blood Pressure

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I have been recently been diagnosed with severe hypertension at the age of 37. After being prescribed several drugs right away, I began a quest of knowledge on alternative treatments. I found Mr. Whitaker's book the most informative and well documented on research literature. His analysis on the different prescribed drugs and their long term effects was the best I have read. He describes the benefits and failures of these drugs that my own doctors did no inform me with.

He describes in length the many factors for hypertension which are easy to read and understand.

What I liked also about his book is the multi-step programs that one can follow. The reader can do a number of things that will lower blood pressure. Dr. Whitaker takes the approach that hypertension is absolutely reversible in most cases, and when you read the book it is hard not to believe him.

I have started his program and have found it to be the best so far.

Lower Your Blood Pressure in Eight Weeks: A Revolutionary Program for a Longer, Healthier Life

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Ever wonder what Asparagus, Avacados and Anger have to do with hypertension? Although some folks suggest you should not eat Avocados if you are on a low fat diet, perhaps you will reconsider after you read Steven and Jan Sinatra's book. And although asparagus are available seasonally, so you may want to eat as many of the fresh ones as you can and avoid the canned variety unless you wash the salt off. Frozen asparagus are okay but they lack the crunch of course. The Sinatras say your best bet is to freeze your own.

Anger is the killer. Try yoga, deep breathing exercises, aromatherapy, and pets to release anger. Bodywork including massage will lower your blood pressure if you get angry. Working out with weights or walking can be wonderful stress relievers.

Quercetin in tea and/or red wine may be better for you than taking medications with COX-2 inhibitors. The Sinatras include meal plans and recipes. I'm already eating lots of soy and rice, but the Sinatras offer many other good ideas. My philoso

Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure

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My wife and I have found a lot of tasty recipes from this book, even though one of us is a picky eater. We've put a lot of bookmarks in this after finding recipes we like. Instructions could be written a little clearer, but a careful read will solve that.

Recipes use commonly-available items (in the USA) and standard methods. No great skills are needed here.

6) Learning how to lower your high blood pressure usually takes more than changing your diet. Studies have shown that regular aerobic exercise helps by strengthening your heart muscles and vascular system. A great side benefit is that it also helps you to keep your weight under control. Even yoga and Tai Chi can do wonders for your high blood pressure condition.

7) Millions of people take herbs for blood pressure. Mostly these are people who hate the thought of taking synthetic drugs and are looking for something more natural to put into their body. The main dangers with taking herbs, however, is being unfamiliar with the side effects that many can cause. In addition, many herbs touted as cures for high blood pressure, actually have not effect. So, you have to be careful that the drugs you take are actually ones that will help.

High blood pressure cannot always be reduced by natural means. Some people have such high blood pressure that prescription drugs is their only option. Even it those cases, however, taking the above steps can only improve your health and make you less dependent on the drugs you do have to take.

Stage 2 High Blood Pressure
To help diagnose and treat high blood pressure, it is divided into categories or stages. You are considered to have stage 2 high blood pressure when your systolic blood pressure is consistently over 160.

Zantac And High Blood Pressure
Zantac is a popular over the counter drug used by millions. To date, there have been no studies directly linking Zantac and high blood pressure. But the indirect evidence is inconclusive.

Zocor and High Blood Pressure
Although Zocor is usually prescribed for atherosclerosis, recent studies involving Zocor and high blood pressure found that regular use of statin compounds, including Zocor, is associated with lowering high blood pressure.

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