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Zocor and High Blood Pressure
Although Zocor is usually prescribed for atherosclerosis, recent studies involving Zocor and high blood pressure found that regular use of statin compounds, including Zocor, is associated with lowering high blood pressure.

Using Adenosine for Pulmonary Artery Hypertension
In testing adenosine for pulmonary artery hypertension, researchers have begun to make headway in treating one of the most dangerous diseases relating to high blood pressure.

Affective Intervention for Hypertension
Affective intervention for hypertension is one of the key goals that health professionals aim for with those at risk for high blood pressure. An effective intervention can take one of many forms ....

The 8 Most Effective African Natural Hypertension Cures
In African, natural hypertension cures are being studied for their effectiveness in helping to cure or alleviate hypertension in adults.

Little Known Herbs That Lower Blood Pressure
Though the last few decades or so, researchers have identified many herbs that lower blood pressure. Here are 3 of them.

How to Control High Blood Pressure
Today, those looking for how to control high blood pressure have a variety of methods to choose from. Here are the three main methods.

Hypertension Treatment Can Save Your Life
Hypertension treatment guidelines have been developed over the years to help patients live longer and fuller lives with minimal health risks.

Alcohol And High Blood Pressure Dangers
Alcohol and high blood pressure are linked to each other when alcohol is consumed to excess even though, when taken moderately, alcohol has many benefits to the body.

Allegra And High Blood Pressure
Allegra is prescribed for allergies because it can decongest a runny nose and it is described as an antihistamine that does not sedate the patient. It can be dangerous if you have high blood pressure.

Ambien And High Blood Pressure
Is Ambien safe to take? Clinical trials suggest that Ambien and high blood pressure may be related.

Causes Of High Blood Pressure
For years scientists have been looking for the definitive causes of high blood pressure without success. Here are some of the most popular theories.

Claritin And High Blood Pressure
Claritin and high blood pressure is a combination you should be very careful about if you value your long term health.

Most Popular Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Diets
If you have both diabetes and high blood pressure your diet is of critical importance. These are both risk factors that dramatically increase your odds of having a stroke or heart attack

Eye Symptoms of High Blood Pressure
As your blood pressure increases so does the danger that you will suffer eye damage, unfortunately there are no eye symptoms of high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure
When you have high blood pressure your ability to engage in very physical work or activity is limited and your risk of getting a stroke or having a heart attack is elevated to dangerous levels.

High Blood Pressure and Anxiety
High blood pressure and anxiety are often found together, but does this mean that anxiety causes high blood pressure?

High Blood Pressure And Pregnancy
Hypertension is not good for anyone but high blood pressure and pregnancy are a combination that could do harm to the fetus as well as the mom.

High Blood Pressure Side Effects
Being in tune with your body can help you to recognize high blood pressure side effects. This is true even though both doctors and health literature have conflicting opinions on whether or not there are any true high blood pressure side effects.

How To Lower High Blood Pressure - 7 Ways
For most people, learning how to lower high blood pressure involves changing their lifestyle. It can be hard at first but with perseverance your "new" lifestyle will become habit.

Lower Blood Pressure Without Drugs
Studies have proven that it is possible to attain lower blood pressure without drugs. In fact some of the more homeopathic oriented doctors try to do that before they begin prescribing high blood pressure medicines.

Morning High Blood Pressure
What causes morning high blood pressure and are there things we can do to prevent or alleviate it?

7 Natural Cures For High Blood Pressure
There is a direct cause and effect between our everyday actions and high blood pressure. Natural cures for high blood pressure consist mainly of changing our diets and eliminating bad lifestyle habits.

Signs Of High Blood Pressure
It difficult to be aware of signs of high blood pressure since most people experience no symptoms. Detecting it is something you cannot do alone.

Stage 2 High Blood Pressure
To help diagnose and treat high blood pressure, it is divided into categories or stages. You are considered to have stage 2 high blood pressure when your systolic blood pressure is consistently over 160.

Zantac And High Blood Pressure
Zantac is a popular over the counter drug used by millions. To date, there have been no studies directly linking Zantac and high blood pressure. But the indirect evidence is inconclusive.

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