Little Known Herbs That Lower Blood Pressure

Though the last few decades or so, researchers have identified many herbs that lower blood pressure.

For those looking to lower blood pressure without drugs, herbs are a natural alternative. African natural hypertension cures as well as some of the herbs listed below are a great indicator of the wealth of options that people have for reducing their blood pressure.

1. Hawthorn (crataegus oxyacantha) – outside of the U.S., this is one of the little known herbs that lower blood pressure according to many overseas researchers. The active components of the plant affecting blood pressure are thought to be the high levels of antioxidants in the leaves, flowers, and berries.

This herb has been used for centuries to strengthen the heart and treat rapid heartbeat symptoms. The theory is that it works by dilating the arteries of the body thus helping to improve the blood flow throughout the body. It’s also thought to help prevent cholesterol from being deposited on the artery walls. The herb is especially popular in Germany which has numerous heart medications based on the herb. It can be found in health stores in the form of teas and tablets. Currently, the U.S. FDA has no position on the effectiveness of this herb.

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3. Guelder Rose bark (Viburnum Opulus) – There is much anecdotal evidence that this herb helps to lower blood pressure but no trials or studies have been done to prove the point. Nevertheless, it’s used by many people not just to lower blood pressure but also to relieve muscle tension, treat asthma, and relieve constipation.

In addition to low blood pressure the herb is also used by some for other circulatory problems. Until this herb is studied more, however, it should not be used as a substitute for medical hypertension.

4. Green Tea –

In the past decade, much research has been done on green tea. Nearly all have revealed a positive relationship between drinking green tea and reducing blood pressure.

Researchers are always interested in how to control high blood pressure. Some studies have shown that drinking at least 4 ounces of tea a day can lower the chances of you developing blood pressure by half. It also found that, drinking green tea on a regular basis were less likely to develop high blood pressure than were those who did not drink green tea.

Researchers are still studying the long term effects of green tea on high blood pressure. Some studies have indicated that long term use of green tea can lower high blood pressure. Others, however, are less definitive.

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See Your Doctor First

Herbs, unlike prescription medicine, are not targeted towards treating one particular ailment. Many have multi-effects on the human body – some desirable, others less so. That’s why when taking any sort of herb for treatments of high blood pressure or any other ailment, it’s best to not only get the o.k. from your primary health care professional but from someone who is an expert in herbs and there effects on the body as well.