Digital Blood Pressure Monitor – 10 Most Popular

Since it first came on to the market, the digital blood pressure monitor has been a big hit with consumers. The older aneroid type home monitors were often so difficult to use that patients simply didn’t use them. But the digital blood pressure monitor styles are so much easier to use for a number of reasons.

1) For the most part, digital blood pressure monitors are automatic. With most of them, it’s no longer necessary to manually pump a bulb to inflate the arm or wrist cuffs. Based on feedback sensors, the digital monitors can tell when the cuff has been inflated enough and then – stop.

10 Most Popular Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

Digital technology allows monitor manufacturers a lot of flexibility in the types of monitors they can design. A perfect example of this is that you can find arm monitors, wrist monitors, and even finger monitors.

Advances in blood pressure equipment have escalated tremendously over the years making them easier than ever to use. And, as you can see from above, the prices of they typical home blood pressure monitor has come down as well.