Most Popular Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Diets

If you have both diabetes and high blood pressure your diet is of critical importance. These are both risk factors that dramatically increase your odds of having a stroke or heart attack. You need to become acutely aware of the list of foods and seasonings that cause high blood pressure and religiously avoid them.

If you have diabetes, leaving your high blood pressure untreated can complicate and worsen your diabetic symptoms. This is especially true for kidney disease as well as diabetic eye disease. It is thought that high blood pressure affects as many as 60% of the people who suffer with diabetes.

You can learn to manage symptoms and your health by finding out the proper diabetes high blood pressure diet. Lots of times, making just a few simple changes in the way you live and eat can help to turn your health around with positive benefits.

10 Most Popular Diabetes Diet Books

amount of sodium in your diet can be an easy way to avoid the pitfalls of hypertension.

There are drugs that are used to treat high blood pressure that can adversely affect your blood sugar levels. You may experience other side effects as well, so be sure to report to your doctor any signs of worrisome side effects you may be experiencing when you begin taking your medications.

Handling your health is ultimately up to you, and you can always utilize the expertise of a nutritionist if you are having problems designing a diabetes high blood pressure diet. Employing the aid of someone who is well versed in the proper diabetes high blood pressure diet is a great way to show your family and loved ones you are serious about taking your health into your own hands. By sticking to a diabetes high blood pressure diet, you may find that not only do you feel better, but you have lots more energy too.