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Cholesterol Readings - 3 Most Popular Machines

Taking cholesterol readings has become a normal part of most physical checkups these days. That's because your cholesterol readings are an overall good indicator of the odds of you developing coronary heart disease or hardening of the arteries (Atherosclerosis).

What Is The Normal Cholesterol Range?

In general, your cholesterol readings are a measurement of the total amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream. This total cholesterol value consists of both your low density lipoprotein (or LDL) and your high density lipoprotein (or HDL) types of cholesterol. Of course, the perfect level of cholesterol that is good for you varies, because we are all individuals. But, there are some guidelines. A cholesterol reading of 200 mg/dl or less is considered excellent. A range of 201 to 239 mg/dl is considered high, but manageable. And, a reading of 240 mg/dl or over is considered to be high.

So, you want your reading to be low. And, the higher this reading is, the more at risk you are for arterial diseases. For example, if your cholesterol readings show that you are in the 240 mg/dl or above levels, you have approximately twice the risk of developing atherosclerosis as someone with a reading of 190 mg/dl. Part of learning how to control high blood pressure naturally is controlling your cholesterol.

3 Most Popular Cholesterol Readings Machines

CardioChek Portable Blood Test System

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User Review
The device is about the size of a long pack of cigarettes and is SUPER easy to use. You can buy a variety of test strips for it. We have the total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and Triglycerides tests. From these, you can also calculate your LDL levels quite easily.

You turn on the CardioChek, slide in whichever strip you want to use, and then add in a drop of blood. We have an AutoLancet which is a one-button push pen-like item that easily gets a drop of blood without much pain at all. Then you wait maybe 30 seconds, and the device tells you the exact number.

First Check Home Cholesterol Test, Two Single Use Tests

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I had very high cholesterol (297) and bought this kit to keep track of my cholesterol. I changed my diet completely and took first check test one month after the diet change and test showed my cholesterol as 229, I took it again two months after my diet change and it showed 149!!!. I couldn't believe that diet change was affecting my cholesterol so much so I went to my doc and asked for a lab test and guess what... my cholesterol was 253!!!.

I have followed the exact instructions that were given in the kit and still the cholesterol levels were off by more than 100 points!, that's insane. This kit doesn't work as they claim.

Do not buy, go to lab to get accurate results.

CardioChek Starter Refill Cholesterol Kit includes 3 total,3 hdl,3 trig, 9 capillaries, and 9 lancets

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User Review
I love these tests and for home blood tests they're incredibly accurate. I've tested with these and then immediately had the same tests done at the doctor's office and the results were just as close as having 2 different lab tests done.

Testing For Cholesterol Normal Range

Total cholesterol readings, however, are not as accurate as individual readings. And, if possible, choose to have a test that will show both your LDL reading and your HDL reading. This will give you a more accurate view of your health as regards to cholesterol.

Of particular importance is the reading of your low density lipoprotein (or LDL) which many refer to as 'bad cholesterol'. Because you want to have low LDL readings. And you want to have high HDL readings. In other words, if you have high a HDL reading (which is good), but you also have a high LDL reading, which is bad, you should work on lowering your LDL.

If you are a man, you want you HDL to be at least 40 mg/dl. If you are a woman, you want them to be a little bit higher, probably above 50 mg/dl. With your LDL, you want it to be less than 129 mg/dl. If you can get it less than 100, that 's even better.

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