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The Many Types Of High Blood Pressure Equipment

If you suffer from high blood pressure, having high blood pressure equipment at home is very useful for allowing you to track and monitor your blood pressure during the course of a day. Having this information on hand will let you know whether certain remedies you are taking to counteract your hypertension are effective or not.

By checking your blood pressure regularly at home, you will also be able to present your readings to your doctor on your next regular visit. This will give him or her a much better idea of the factors that are causing your blood pressure to rise or fluctuate.

Types of Blood Pressure Equipment

When choosing a blood pressure meter, you basically have four choices.

1) The first is the aneroid monitor. This is the kind that you normally see when you go into your doctor's office. You place the cuff around your upper arm, inflate it by using the rubber bulb, and take your readings off of the gauge. When purchasing one for home use, for ease of use, make sure that it is designed to make it easy to attach the cuff using only one hand. You have to be very careful in day to day handling of these as they are usually very fragile and very easily lose their accuracy if banged around a lot.

The Many Types Of Blood Pressure Equipment

Omron BP785 10 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Black/white

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The device is small, light, and has an easy-to-read face that measures 4.75 inches by 6 inches. The back of the device is elevated off the flat surface 3.5 inches, the front is elevated only .75 inches so the device is manufactured to rest on a flat surface and the face is tilted forward towards the user for ease of reading. The readings are in large size numbers also for easy reading.

The Omron, Series 10 has many unique features including an automatic calibration check system with dual sensors that automatically check each reading to insure accuracy. Other features include a cuff wrap guide to make sure the cuff is properly applied. The pre-formed cuff provided makes the cuff easy to apply and fits all size upper arms. In the "True Read Mode" the device takes three separate consecutive readings, one minute apart and displays the average of the three readings following the guidelines of the American Heart Association. The device also has an Irregular Heartbeat Detector that alerts the user of any irre

Panasonic EW3006S Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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This wrist BP cuff was exactly what I was looking for. Directions were simple and it is easy to use. Holding my wrist, palm side up, anywhere between my abdomen and chest area seems to work fine.

The first wrist BP cuff I bought at a store would not work unless held against my chest over my heart, in exactly the right spot, and then it only worked once. My wrist circumference is 8-1/4 inches, so I was concerned about it fitting, but no worries there. My dentist's office uses 3 different ones and told me this one was their favorite, even though it was the less expensive one.

The BP readings are right inline with the dentist and physician office. I would recommend this wrist BP cuff to anyone who must take their own BP due to the ease of use, its accuracy, and the inexpensive price. Plus, I would not hesitate to purchase it from ...

Circulation Leg Wraps

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These feel just like the ones used in the hospital when I had my surgery. This is a repeating pump up and release, squeeze and release leg wrap. The velcro parts can be somewhat difficult to manage as they stick to everything..but I find that when I take them off, I just loosen them and keep them stuck close to the right place and it works fine. If it seems too bothersome, just do it a few times, it is well worth the effort. These fit larger persons also. My husband is about 350 lbs. and 6'2" and they fit him, and they adjust smaller also. They may run big for a petite person. That is one of the objections I read on another review on Amazon. I am only 5 feet and they work okay for me, I am not petite.

My husband and I both use them. He has had a knee replaced and doesn't get much exercise. These leg wraps really feel good and relaxing for the legs. I would highly recommend them to anyone with swollen,sensitive or cold feet. If you are prone to blood clots or have heart disease, you will want to ask you

Omron HEM-780 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with ComFit Cuff

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As a primary care physician, I've seen a lot of BP monitors that my patients bring to the office to check for accuracy and other features. This one seems to be the best.

The easy to apply cuff, auto inflation, its accuracy, the memory, the averaging feature, the AC converter all make it worth the slightly higher price over other Omrons, which I consider the most accurate brand. Since I too have high blood pressure, I decided to buy one myself!

2) The second type of monitor is the digital monitor. It is more automatic than the aneroid type and is, therefore, more popular among people using a monitor for home use. It is also easier to read as you simply have to read the numbers that flash on the digital screen. Digital blood pressure monitors are typically more expensive than the aneroid monitors.

Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor

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Being a person who hasn't ever joined a gym, I never knew stuff like this existed. I was very interested in this item because I've been walking for exercise but wasn't really sure I was reaching my target heart rate consistently.

The monitor, which displays the time as well as your heart rate on a watch, works in conjunction with a gizmo that you strap around yourself, just under your chest. (I will tell you, since I was concerned about this, that it's hardly noticeable once it's in place...it's a 12" or so long piece of plastic with an adjustable elastic strap...not very bulky at all!) The monitor also features a stopwatch and an alarm, so that after you set your minimum & maximum desired heart rates, you can be alerted when you are out of range. The alarm is a "beep-beep" that I can hear over the book on tape I drag along with me. Your heart rate is updated every second or two so you will always know if you need to pick up the pace a bit.

The monitor comes packaged in a small, zippered carryin

Omron HEM-650 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with APS (Advanced Positioning Sensor)

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I was looking for a device that would be easy for my 88 year-old mother to use on her own. She was told to monitor her blood pressure, but can't use the public style because they are set to test the left arm. Because of prior surgery, her left arm can't be used.

So, when looking for the wrist type, this monitor had all the qualities I was looking for. When we received it and showed Mom how to use it, she found it easy to use and easy to read because the screen uses large print. She doesn't have to write anything down. She takes it to her doctor and he can read back through the last 90 days (one reading per day).

Because she has an occasional problem with ventricular tachycardia, the monitor also lets her know if the heart is beating irregularly with a simple picture. The cuff beeps when you have it positioned properly for inflation. This isn't a function that is useful for Mom, because she is hard of hearing. But, fortunately, the beep isn't really necessary because positioning is easy for every

Omron HEM-712C Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with IntelliSense

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User Review
This cuff is easy to use, the readings appear to be accurate (they jibe with readings in the doctor's office), and the batteries are lasting longer than I expected.

Inflation is somewhat noisy, so you may want to close your office door if you're measuring your BP at work. Cuffs are transferable between OMRON products; the large cuff from my manual bp monitor works just fine on this battery-powered monitor. Also, somewhat to my surprise, the action of manually inflating the cuff does not seem to affect readings; the numbers are similar between both monitors.

The cuff automatically inflates to 170 mmHG; if it senses that it needs to go higher, it will continue to inflate to 210 mmHG, and you can force it to go even higher if your systolic pressure is really high. No frills, except for a memory bank that retains 14 readings (blood pressure, pulse). Highly recommended.

3) The third type of high blood pressure equipment is the wrist blood pressure monitor. Is is not as accurate as the aneroid  and digital devices, but it gives you a good ball park estimate. It is also more convenient to use than the first two types. If you want to get the most accurate reading, however, you have to make sure that your body is positioned correctly as the machines are extremely sensitive to body position.

4) The last type of monitor is the finger blood pressure monitor. Although extremely handy, as well as one of the easiest to use, they are also the least accurate of the various monitors.

RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device

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Other reviewers have accurately pointed out that using this device is, in effect, meditation. That's true. I've used meditation CDs--including one specifically on meditation through breathing. They were helpful. But in my experience, none of them have been as easy and as foolproof to use as this device.

Yes, this IS pricey. But so was the non-generic medication my cardiologist was considering. I have prescription drug coverage, but copayments quickly add up, especially for non-generic. (NOTE: Many of the newer meds are not yet available as generics.) So, I bought the Resperate, knowing I could try it and return it if I didn't like it and/or it didn't have the desired effect.

But overall, I do like it--a lot. And it has had a beneficial effect on my blood pressure. After less than two weeks using this, at my next MD visit I learned that my systolic blood pressure (top number) had dropped 14 points, the diastolic blood pressure (bottom number) had dropped 3 points. Two years later, I now average 1

LifeSource UA-100 Home Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor

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I own several different electronic blood pressure testers, and each of them gives a different value when I test my blood pressure. Some register higher and others lower. It can be confusing and cause problems.

With the old fashioned sphygmomanometer I can always see very quickly where my blood pressure is at. I can soon tell when it has gone excessively high, and I don't have the fear of waiting while the electronic tester pumps and repumps and slowly ticks down to reveal a high blood pressure.

If your bp fluctuates a lot I highly recommend you get this simple tester. It comes with the stethoscope connected making it really easy to test your pressure any time.

It takes a bit of practice to use it, but you need to go slow and not be in a hurry to let the air out too quickly, or you miss the readings. But the great thing is you can very quickly pump up and find the top reading, and very quickly let it out to find the bottom reading, without waiting through the painful beeping of the other e

StressEraser Portable Biofeedback Device

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I have a long time, twice-a-day meditation practice which includes breathing techniques, but was curious about this device anyway. So, I bought it on impulse. It is impressive, but simple and easy to use. I'd recommend it to anyone who doesn't have some sort of regular (2-3 times daily) stress-relief practice in place. It's function is simple - you simply breath in, then exhale when the device prompts you to. The tool sort of "teaches" you how to breath based on feedback on the screen, and as you learn to focus on the breath...poof, you stop worrying about other stuff.

After you learn the "how to" part and get regular with your breathing sessions, the additional personal benefit may be more limited. Since I'm already very familiar with using the breath to center myself, this item could become a glorified "breath counter": The ancillary good stuff is that it records a history of how many sessions of breathing I've done and details about same, and the device will always give me feedback on my current sta

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors

An ambulatory blood pressure monitor is used for continuous blood pressure monitoring. Sometimes patients will have elevated high blood pressure readings in a doctor's office because of their anxiety in seeing a doctor. And, this can give falsely high blood pressure readings. The advantage of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is that it can track and record a persons real everyday blood pressure over a period of time. With the tracking data provided, the physician can more accurately prescribe medications and treatments.

Take Your Home Blood Pressure Meter To Your Checkup

Proper maintenance of your home blood pressure monitor is essential. When using any type of high blood pressure machine at home, you should periodically take it with you to your doctor's office where you can verify its accuracy by comparing its results with those of your doctor's equipment. If not accurate, you should have it recalibrated.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor - 10 Most Popular
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Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
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Lifesource Blood Pressure Monitor Review
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