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The xblood xpressure xcuff is one of the most essential parts of a blood pressure monitor. It is used to apply pressure to the arm so that the actual blood pressure can be measured.

As the air is gradually released from the cuff, the monitor measures the blood pressure as well as the corresponding heart rate.

When blood pressure monitors were first sold to consumers, it was necessary to inflate the blood pressure cuff manually. Today, however, the manual blood pressure cuff has been mostly replaced by the automated digital blood pressure cuff. With these modern monitors, the cuff that can be inflated simply by pushing a button.

Importance of Blood Pressure Cuff Size

Cuffs come in a variety of sizes. And to get the most accurate results from your monitor, when purchasing it, make sure that it comes with a cuff size that will fit you. A cuff that is either too large or too small will essentially be useless to you. Typically, you can purchase cuffs in small, medium, larger, and extra large sizes.

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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Cuffs

Most of the time you will take your measurements at certain times of the day. You will put your cuff on, take your measurement, then remove it. In certain instances, however, your doctor may want to get an accurate idea of how your blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day.

blood pressure cuffIn this case, he may require you to wear what is known as an ambulatory blood pressure monitor. With this type of monitor, you will not remove the blood pressure cuff after each use. Instead, you will wear it throughout the day. The most advanced types can be programmed to automatically inflate at predetermined specified intervals and take your blood pressure with no needed manual intervention from you.

Blood Pressure Cuffs Designed For Different Parts Of The Body

Most blood pressure cuffs are designed for use on the upper arm. This is also, typically, where your doctor will place the cuff as well when taking your pressure. Specialized cuffs are, however, made for other parts of the body as well. Today, you can get cuffs that are designed to be placed on the forearm, wrist, and even the finger.

If you purchase a modern automatic digital blood pressure monitor, many will come with cuffs designed to automatically inflate to the correct pressure. And the prices are generally easily affordable for those who would like an automatic blood pressure monitor for home use.

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