Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Using an automatic digital blood pressure monitor, instead of a manual blood pressure device, is an important tool in tracking your blood pressure. The reason is that many consumers are intimidated by the thought of using a manual blood pressure. Conversely, an automatic blood pressure monitor can make the process trivial.

See examples of popular digital blood pressure monitors for home use below:

It is important to know current levels because blood pressure is an important indicator of health. These home blood pressure kits make tracking your blood pressure levels easier than ever. In addition, digital blood pressure monitor accuracy has improved by leaps and bounds over the last ten or so years. In fact, they have improved so much that, these days, digital blood pressure monitors for home use are virtually taking over the marketplace.

Home based monitoring kits that allow you to take your blood pressure at home are extremely useful in a number of cases. One case is “white-coat hypertension”, a condition in which anxiety causes your blood pressure to be higher than it normally would be if you were in your normal home or work environment.

A second case is the reverse, where your readings are actually lower at a doctor’s office than it would be at home. This is called “masked hypertension.” And, lastly, lots of people have higher blood pressure in the morning than they do the rest of the day. A home based blood pressure monitoring system eliminates these variables that affect blood pressure and allow the healthcare professionals to get a better sense of your “real” blood pressure.

If you have consistent high blood pressure, it is important to monitor it as it changes throughout the day. It is also helpful to have a method of automatically recording its findings so the doctor can make an evaluation as to how it reacts to varying circumstances.

Automatic digital monitors are very compact and because of this they are extremely portable. Most are also easy to use at home. In general, these devices consist of two basic elements – an inflatable cuff and a small unit with a digital readout to show results.

Most Popular Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-780 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with ComFit Cuff

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Omron HEM-650 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with APS (Advanced Positioning Sensor)

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Omron HEM-711AC Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Standard Cuff

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Choosing the Right Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

With so many monitors from which to choose, it is easy to become confused. In choosing the right monitor, there are certain things to keep in mind.

Automatic monitors are available with either an arm or wrist cuff, for your convenience. When selecting an electronic monitor, make sure to find a well-fitting cuff size, or readings will not be as accurate. Make sure to select a cuff that is appropriate for your body size. For example, larger people will want to select a larger cuff.

The advantage of automatic blood pressure monitors is that they provide automatic inflation and deflation of the arm or wrist cuff. For the elderly or those who have debilitating illnesses such as arthritis, this is one less thing for them to have to be concerned about. It eliminates the need for you to inflate blood pressure monitor by hand. It happens automatically.

Digital monitors also have a display screen that shows helpful information during and after the reading. Select a unit that shows the amount of information desired and in a format that you will understand. It is important to remember to choose a monitor that is comfortable and easy to operate. Also, choose a display screen that can be clearly seen and read. Fortunately, this is not usually a problem, as most of the mainstream models have large, easy to read displays.

An irregular heartbeat can cause some blood pressure monitors to give inaccurate readings. So, if you have a condition such as mitral valve prolapse which can often cause the heart to beat in an irregular pattern, look for features in the monitor such as irregular heartbeat detection. This way it will be able to automatically adjust the blood pressure and pulse readings so that you still get accurate readings.

Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

For those with limited mobility, injuries or extensive pain, wrist cuff monitors provided added comfort and convenience. A wrist blood pressure monitor is one of the easiest models to use. Unfortunately, even though the wrist digital blood pressure monitor devices are more accurate than ever, they are still more prone to error than arm blood pressure monitors. This is not a fault of the technology. Rather it is because measuring upper arm blood pressure, in general, will give you a more accurate reading.

Using an automatic digital blood pressure monitor is very easy. Just wrap the cuff on your arm or wrist, and press a button. Blood pressure readings are quick, and only take a few seconds.

Home Blood Pressure Monitors Don’t Take The Place Of Doctor’s Visits

It is well to keep in mind, however, that using a home blood pressure device should, in no way, take the place of regular doctor’s visits. For one thing, even though these home devices are incredibly useful, they are less expensive and, therefore, less accurate than the ones in your doctor’s office.

Secondly, even the most accurate of these devices will need re-calibration or repairing over its lifetime – something that most consumers will fail to do. What this means is that, even if the machine is accurate when you purchase it, it will gradually lose accuracy over time.

Nevertheless, using a blood pressure monitor is a good way to keep an eye on health and provide peace of mind. Having one handy will help you keep track of your blood pressure, understand more precisely what changes affect it, and provide medical professionals with more information about how to control it.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitors for Home Use

Lifesource UA-767t Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

lifesource blood pressure ua-767t
This ingenious auto-inflation monitor takes advantage of speech synthesizers in that it actually talks to you. For those who have eyesight problems or trouble reading information off of monitors, the UA-767T will verbally tell you what your blood pressure is. Once it has taken your blood pressure, the model will tell you your blood pressure and pulse. It will, optionally, do this four times and then shut itself off automatically.

LifeSource UA-787EJ Quick Response Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

lifesource blood pressure ua787ej
This Lifesource monitor does not have an audible readout like the UA-767t. It does, however, have a slew of other very useful features. For one, it has an alarm. So if you are a person who typically loses track of time and forgets to take medicines and so forth, it can remind you at set intervals that it’s time to take your blood pressure. You can set as many as 3 separate alarms.

Secondly, this is a blood pressure monitor with memory. It stores the last 60 blood pressure readings in memory and displays a readout of the averages. Thirdly, it has an irregular heartbeat feature that adjusts readings automatically for those with irregular heartbeats. And, lastly, it has a pressure rating indicator. This rates your blood pressure while taking your height and weight into account. This is considered to be one of the best lifesource digital blood pressure monitor devices.

Omron HEM-712C Automatic Blood Monitor

omron hem 712cOmron is one of the most well known brand names when it comes to producing blood pressure monitors that are easy to use. And, this particular omron digital blood pressure monitor model is one of the easiest around. You simply wrap the cuff around your upper arm according to instructions and push the start button.

The monitor will automatically adjust the cuff pressure using its trademarked Intellisense omron health management software. The Intellisense technology, in Omron blood pressure devices, also makes automatic adjustments in the readings or irregular heart beats and arrhythmias. Many people like other Omron monitors such as the omron hem-780, as well.

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