Alcohol And High Blood Pressure Dangers

Alcohol and high blood pressure are linked to each other when alcohol is consumed to excess. Undeniably, when taken moderately, alcohol has many benefits to the body. But excessive alcohol consumption can raise your blood pressure beyond safe limits.

And don’t think that just because you’re on high blood pressure medications that you’re protected. Alcohol has been shown to interfere with the effectiveness of some blood pressure medications and in some cases to even increase their side effects.

Alcoholic drinks are also usually high in calories which can contribute to you gaining weight, another determining factor for high blood pressure.

If you drink a lot and are serious about controlling high blood pressure you need to seriously consider making changes to lifestyle so that the blood pressure situation does not get aggravated. Often the mere mention of the words high blood pressure can cause an overwhelming fear and confusion in a person. That’s why it’s important to get tested periodically to determine if you indeed have high blood pressure.

If you do have hypertension, these days, it is especially easy to monitor yourself. There are hundreds of home blood pressure monitors on the market that you can purchase for less than a couple of hundred of dollars.

There is also a need for educating oneself about the effects and causes of high blood pressure. In some people drinking just a bit of alcohol will raise their blood pressure significantly. In other cases, heavy drinking will only raise the blood pressure slightly. This is because everyone has different tolerance levels for alcohol. There is no doubt that alcohol can negatively impact your blood pressure situation leading to elevated levels especially when consumed in excess. No doubt, alcohol and high blood pressure is less of a problem when alcohol consumption is within tolerable levels; however, going over the limits will certainly aggravate the condition and also cause hypertension.

Thus, it is not surprising that alcohol and high blood pressure has been the subject of many studies and research on this topic has shed much light and valuable information has been gleaned on the effects and causes of alcohol and high blood pressure. The findings point out that a drink or two a week should not give cause for concern and if possible drinking red wine will be preferable.

Though the odd drink of alcohol is good for relieving stress after a long and hard day’s work, alcohol and high blood pressure when combined in an aggressive manner will lead to very negative consequences for which cures may also be difficult to find. In addition, if you need medications to treat things such as hypertension, alcohol is not recommended and should in fact, should be eliminated to enjoy continued good health.

Alcohol and medication are deadly potions that should not be mixed and which will only cause further complications and alcohol will only lead to rendering medications useless. The same is true for other drugs. For example, there are many herbs that lower blood pressure significantly such as African natural hypertension cures. A good rule of thumb is to not mix medications or herbal treatments with alcohol.

You must therefore check with your doctor about alcohol and high blood pressure and are advised about how best to cope with your stress conditions and alcohol consumption. It is possible to control blood pressure with some recommended changes to lifestyle and also with proper medical advice and guidance.

The bottom line is that understanding the affects of alcohol on high blood pressure and related factors will ensure that you enjoy a healthy life and when practiced within limits should also not cause problems with your blood pressure condition.